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New Album “The Label” Coming in 2022

DJ Tweak has announced a brand new album called ‘The Label’, which will be released sometime in Summer 2022.

The new release will feature many huge collaborations with amazing DJs and Artists.  The list of features is being kept anonymous for the time being.

“The Label is Coming”, he mentioned in an interview, detailing his goals for this album and what we should expect.  He just simply said: “It’s Going to Be Insane”.


DJ Tweak has been releasing quite a few singles recently.  In 2021, he Release 3 singles: “Partner in Crime, Bring the Party, and Shout.” on All Platforms.

“DJing is my passion, but production brings a whole new challenge for me”, the American DJ and Producer Said.  It’s easy to go out there, and mix tracks.  But coming up with music, from scratch, is obviously a fun challenge.  You have to create something new, catchy, that no one has heard, all while hoping that this will be the next big hit.  “It’s Stressful, yet fun” he says.

He will be spending the next few months touring and collaborating with other Big Industry names to launch his new house music debut album.

For now, he wants to keep the names of the artists he will be collaborating with a Surprise.  However, he plans to have fun with it and eventually send out some teasers, or hints on who he is collaborating with.


The album is expected to be completed and released sometime in Summer 2022 with a more accurate Release date Coming Early Summer 2022.  Stay Tuned.


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